Life Aquatic

Unique among Caribbean communities, Porto Maho blend the life aquatic with bespoke design. Architects tailor pier and dock house to suit your style:
from another bedroom to a loft-style lounge or yacht-captains’ quarters. Adventurous owners can request customized storage space for kayaks, windsurfers, submarines, catamarans, jet skis, scuba and other sea-going gear. And they can keep vessels – from dinghies to yachts – sparkling with optional boat lifts.

Service here remains paramount and each of these stunning homes also caters to your comfort and ease. Security, maintenance, gardening and pool services are included, while other services such as catering and housekeeping area available on request.

Porto Maho signifies a new concept in living; the seamless integration of lifestyle and domicile with everything one needs to live comfortably and effortlessly. No mere backdrop, the living village is destined to be a vibrant hub, complete with a piazza, banks, cafes, restaurants, designer boutiques, aquatic activities, seaside promenade, organic and specialty markets and members-only amenities like an athletic club, all anchored by what will be the destination’s largest mega yacht marina.

This landmark real estate project anchors the town, a “destination within a destination.”

The sale of these keystone properties opens up a new social orbit in St Maarten: Be one of the first families of Porto Maho.

Invite the landscape into your home and the island into your heart…

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